“Tutto ciò che non è donato è perduto”

Thank you for expressing interest in supporting the Scuola Marco Polo. Here at the school we are grateful to our contributors and believe no donation is too big or too small. Below is a list of tax deductible donations most useful and relevant to our mission and always received anonymously, be it financial or otherwise. We thank you for your generosity and continued support of Scuola Marco Polo.

To donate click here.

Grazie per il vostro interesse nel supportare La Scuola Marco Polo. Alla scuola crediamo che nessuna donazione sia troppo grande o troppo piccola. Qui sotto sono elencate le aree di interesse per le donazioni. Le quali sono tutte deducibili dalle tasse e ricevute in forma anonima, che siano di tipo finanziario o altro. vi ringraziamo per la vostra generosità e continuo supporto alla Scuola Marco Polo.

Per donare clicca qui

  • Computers and Electronics: Do you have computers, copy machines, projectors, electronic blackboards, CD players, and audiobooks? Feel free to email us if you have some of these equipments.
  • Click This Link Music instruments: We accept any kind of music instrument.
  • Memorial and Honorary Gifts: Are you looking for a special gift? Memorial or honorary gifts are accepted in honor of your loved one. Gift acknowledgements will be sent to the person you chose.
  • Real Estate: Do you want to give us your second house, residence, vacation home, farm, or cottage for a limited time period Let us know, we will plan our next event directly there.
  • Cash and check: Please make check payable to Marco Polo Italian Cultural Center and sent it directly to: Agnese Abate, School Coordinator
    1803 Raintree Ln. Malvern, PA 19355